Ancillary Probate in Oregon

Typically, an ancillary probate in Oregon will involve the transfer of real property owned by a decedent who had their primary place of residence in another state.  

There are two types of proceedings in Oregon used to administer an estate.  Estates can be administered by Small Estate Affidavit or by general probate proceedings.  You can read more about probate process in Oregon here.

The Small Estate Affidavit is limited to real property of less than $200,000 and personal property of less than $75,000. 

 An exemplified copy of the will and other probate proceedings will be required by Oregon Courts.  There is no abbreviated court process for foreign probate proceedings.  The court will either distribute directly to the heirs or to the foreign personal representative.  Most foreign personal representatives opt to have the money distributed to them so that they can use the proceeds to settle claims against the estate.

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