Settling Small Oregon Estates

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You can settle a small and simple estate in Oregon with a Small Estate Affidavit.  Oregon created the small estate affidavit to quickly and cost effectively settle estates.  Estates that eligible for a administration by affidavit are those that have probate assets:

  • Less than $200,000 worth of real estate
  • Less than $75,000 worth of personal property
  • Less than $275,000 worth of combined value

Often Estates that are modest or that are made mostly of non-probate property will be settled by affidavit.  Similar to a Personal Representative in a typical probate proceeding, the affiant has the ability to administer the probate property.  Unlike the typical probate estate, the affiant has less oversight from the court.

For out of state Probate Proceedings that contain some Oregon property, a Small Estate Affidavit may be an effective way to administer an Ancillary Probate in Oregon.

Flat Fees

For the simplest of estates, check with the county courts to see if they have free small estate affidavit forms to fill out.  For anything but the simplest estate, contact us and we will schedule a free consultation to see how we can help.  We offer flat fees to settle small estates and to guide you through the process.