How to File for Probate in Oregon

The first step of the Probate Process in Oregon is to file a petition for the appointment of a personal representative and probate of a will.   The steps for filing with the Probate Court are:

  1. Gather Documents.  This includes Wills and other Estate Planning Documents.  You will also want to look for financial documents that may determine whether the property is subject to probate.
  2. Petition the Court.  You will file a petition with the Probate Court asking to be appointed the Personal Representative and to admit the Will, if any.
  3. Judgment appointing Personal Representative.  The  Probate Court will enter a judgment based on your petition and on the Will appointing you (the petitioner) as the Personal Representative.
  4. Issuance of Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration.  The Probate Court Clerk will issue the Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration after the Probate Court has entered its judgement.

Depending on your circumstances, the petition can be very complicated or very straight forward.   

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