Oregon Probate Fees in 2017

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How Much Does Probate Cost in Portland  Oregon?

I have broken down the common court costs and fees that associated with probating an estate in Oregon.  For 2017, the uncontested estates that I helped administer ranged from $2632.50 to $4,950.00.  In contested estates where the heirs are arguing over the validity of a will or the distribution of property, the costs with be much higher.


Breakdown of Probate Legal Fees

Service Cost
2017 Court Filing Fees $558.00
Publication Fees $128.00
2017 Attorney Fee Average (Uncontested Administration) $4183.59

The averages were calculated from estates I helped administer for my clients in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties. 

The size of the estate didn't seem to increase the cost of the administration.  Homes in foreclosure and large debts tended to increase the attorney fees the most in uncontested administrations.   The estates that didn't have homes in foreclosure averaged closer to $2,500.  


Other Costs

By far the largest cost in the majority of probates in Oregon are the realtor fees.  I have a previous post that goes more in depth into How Much Does Probate Cost in Oregon if you want to learn more.


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